Tirelessly searching for the best products,
fabrics, quality assurance and developers.

GNI and the team are capable of organizing competitive production

in China and Southeast Asia for ladies and men’s

pullover, sportswear, jackets, blouses, shirts, swimwear

and work wear from professional manufacturers.

GNi Group Limited is a Hong Kong based company with office in Shanghai, China with focus on garment production and in Thailand.

Hong Kong is the financial hub of all trading the company is engaged in.

We offer services from order placement to shipment of ladies’, men’s and sportswear garments and coordinate with our partners in China, Thailand and Vietnam for various needs regarding the textile market.

The collective goal is to cooperate closely with customers and suppliers to deliver a product which is not only up to highest international standards but will be successful for all parties concerned. The office will offer the best possible support to ensure the quality and on time deliveries.

GNI Group Limited
is a textile trading company


Determined to provide each season with fashionable and quality textiles, our design team and buying department are constantly researching new trends and developing new products.


In our collections you will find a wide variety rich in textures, colors and prints. With offices in Shanghai, China and Southeast Asia which cooperate with competent and professional manufacturers to the European and US markets.


Our customers in Scandinavia, Belgium and Italy produce both men’s and ladies’ garments for their brands and retail distributers. The design team supports the development of collections in China or Southeast Asia


The mission of the company is to support our customers and factories in achieving the successful product.

We give the fluidity of experience